Table of Contents

76 stories (or is it just one?) inspired by original street photography, in a city experiencing the pride and pain of change.

pic couchy 2 In a City Known as Terminus  VIEW IT HERE

natural Natural Neighborhoods

butdial The “But” Dial

jamiaca Change at Jamaica

dung Dung (630 words)

shoes Men. A Pause.

church Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned

rattled     Rattled

plot A Plot at the Garden

middle space The Middle Space

raking Raking the Lizards

beans You Can Go Wrong with a Foot-Long Bean

MLK Back Peek

Santa On the Road

car mirror Objects in Mirror Are Closer than They Appear

phone Day of Rest

hula hoop The Queen’s English

santa jacket The Toenail Clippers

chihuahua The Chihuahua on the Accordian

motorcycle Crash on Freedom

reinvestors (Commercial break)

duck A Year of Mournings

couchy-over A Million Bucks

ssacharlesallen Charles Allen on 10th

dog We Shouldn’t Have Stolen the Dog

pink-sneakers Bird on a Wire

velvet Red Velvet Cake

sugar Sugar on a Stick

elephant The Elephant in the Room

ss unicycle You Feel a Lump and You Jump

couch turned over ss A Very Bad Priest

headless Two People, Torn

noguchi Noguchi, No Smoochie

ssadart Bull’s Eye at the Penny Bar

linemen Marking Utilities

slef-phone Self Phone

gate Symphony of Fear

drill Choir of 40 Speakers and a Drill

fast houses (Commercial break)

turkey Waltzing with a Dead, Raw Turkey

fishy We Walked the Same Fish

swing See. Saw.

bastards Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

ss hands You Don’t Clap in Prison

butterfly ss Nitpicked

ladder Truth Ache

gutter The Gutter of Failed Imagination

whittled When the Saints Come Marching In

screaming lady You Have to Learn How to Defend Yourself

ssaquince The Quince

centennial Obligated

tree Nonessential Services

gandhi Who Do I Fall Upon but F*cking Gandhi

graffiti ss Who’s to Judge?

guitar guy 2 Gulf Fritillary

ss couchy bushes Pie in July

high church With Grace

Alison and Frank on North Bridge Stirring the Wild

BeltLine Living  (Commercial break)

beach Drowning

toilet To Pee or Not to Pee

ss bus A Body in the Trunk

helicopter One More Word and You’re Off the Bird

street shorts Street Shorts

rainbow-2 A Good Life

frog Four Funerals and a Wedding

column bird Bird’s Eye View

bike rider Millions of Hairless Baby Bats

what remains What Remains

woman with walker Praise Be the Lord

karma A Game of Darts

cranes Just Shut Up and Mind Your Business

billboard Provoked

ssapanic Panic at Spaghetti Junction

garden There’s No Beating a Turnip

Ivy For Closure

Skinny Santa Skinny Santa

ss church Come On In, Precious

snow on couchy Snow Falling on Couchy
















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