“Humans of New York meets literature” (5-star review on Amazon)

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In a city originally known as Terminus, there is a new path forward. And when people who would never have met otherwise cross paths, stranger things happen.

So starts Stranger Things Happen, a groundbreaking collection of 76 overlapping flash fiction stories (each under 1,000 words) inspired by original street photography in and around a city, like many worldwide, facing the pain and pride of change. Race, religion, real estate — nothing is sacred — as 43 diverse main characters intersect. Lives collide. Folks fall in love. People and dreams die, and others are born, as people try desperately to find their place in a city face to face with a new path forward.

Written and photographed by Pattie Baker, a native New Yorker who is now a 29-year-resident of metro Atlanta, Stranger Things Happen holds the potential to change the way we see our cities, ourselves, and the strangers we meet when we take to the streets.

Stories from Stranger Things Happen have been selected four times as the weekly picks for the NYC-based literary club, Literate Sunday and one has been selected for publication in The Drum literary magazine (you can hear it here). 

If interested, see other books by this author on Amazon.

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